Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss is walk-in only.

Monday...9:00am-5:00pm    Tuesday....9:00am-4:00pm    Wednesday-Friday....9:00am-12:00pm

Basic Program

RX+ 4 B12 Injections

New Client: $100.00

Follow Up: $75.00

Basic Plus Program

RX+ 4 B12 Injections, 10 HCG & 10 Lioptropic 

New Client: $175.00

Follow Up: $150.00

Basic Extreme Program

RX+ 4 B12 Injections, 20 HCG & 20 Lipotropic

New Client- $275.00

Follow Up: $250.00


Prices vary. All fillers require a free consultation with Dr. Robert Crawford for your estimation. Fillers are by appointment only. 


Botox- $13.00 per Unit


Reduction of unwanted fat located under the chin- $ Package of 2 visits $2,400.00

Juvaderm Voluma

Filler to give your cheeks the right amount of volume- $800.00 per vial

Juvaderm Volbella

Filler reduces the fines lines and wrinkles around the lips- $400.00 per syringe

Juvaderm XC

 Filler to give your lips Volume- $600.00 per vial


Reduces the Nasolabial folds around the mouth- $700.00 per syringe

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